Day 302

Year of thanks: day 302 — I’m thankful for another great service at church. Only one more Sunday and we will be in our new facility. It’s been a long time coming, and I’m very excited about it. 
My greeting schedule had me outdoors in a parking lot across from our current building. I was teamed with a sweet young girl who happens to be a nurse. Her husband’s grandfather had dementia, like my Mom, but isn’t quite as advanced. It was so nice to speak to someone who not only has personal experience, but professional experience as well.
This young woman (Natalie) lives in Arlington (where I live), but works in the hospital in Flagler–an hour and a half drive each way. She has an interview for a position at Nemours, a local pediatric hospital. I’m praying that this is God’s will for her. I would appreciate if my friends would pray as well. 
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