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  1. Ken Wolbaum says:

    congratulations to you and rick on your journeys to success
    i’m glad to see you and Leona have a chance to reconnect….you’ll see why i say this in a couple days
    God does work in mysterious ways…we were just talking about you guys a couple weeks ago and then your Christmas greeting arrived!
    do take to time to contact Leona, it would mean so much to her…let’s keep it on the q.t. for now re this e-mail
    i’m going to take the opportunity to read your book…hopefully fing a copy i can share with Leona
    God Bless you and your loved ones

    • Lucie says:

      Ken, how good to hear from you. Forgive the delay in responding. My blog has been inactive for the last year, but I’ve decided to revamp it and cover Rick’s and my many adventures to come. 🙂 I’m trying to remember how to start a new category when I saw I had a few new messages. Guess God was at work again. 🙂
      I was really happy to get a card from Leona, and plan to keep in touch. We think of you often and wonder how things are going for you. I would certainly love for you to read my book, unfortunately you will need an e-reader of app for your computer as it was published as an e-book only. I will soon sign a contract for the next one, and hopefully that one will be made available in print as well.
      So good to hear from you. Perhaps we will make it back to Bismarck on one of our upcoming road trips. It would be so good to see you and catch again.
      Blessing to you and yours as well.

  2. Lila Reed says:

    Just read your book “The Rose Ring”. Thought it was fantastic – will read more of your books as I find them. This one has a slight problem though. In the first several chapters Micah’s last name is Cooper and by the end of the book the family name is Conner. A little disturbing to me. (See chapter 33 page 305 “Seems we Connors boys have a penchant for getting ourselves into trouble with the ladies.”)

    • Lucie says:

      Unfortunately, the mistake in names was only discovered after publication. Connors was the name for characters in my previous book, and somehow I ended up using it. You would have thought after having several people read it, and three rounds of edits, somebody would have caught it. Sigh! I’m so glad you liked it otherwise. Thank you for letting me know. It means a great deal to me.

      I apologize for my late response. My father recently passed away, and my life has been pretty hectic.


  3. Hilda says:

    Hi, Lucie.
    (I hope this is the correct way to contact you!)

    I am Hilda de Graaff, the gal to whom you sent The Rose Ring based on Christina McKnight’s recommendation. I started the book this morning, and I wish I could close off the world and keep reading! How frustrating to have to go to my job and work. So far this book has truly grabbed my attention. I want to thank you again for sending it and for the nice note. I trust you are having a wonderful retirement. I’m hoping to retire in January and move into my Dad’s house and take care of him (he’s 94 now). Anyway, thank you again, I’ve already purchased Diamonds ‘n Doughnuts.
    Take care,

    • Lucie says:

      You’re so welcome, Hilda. I’m glad you’re enjoying The Rose Ring. I was so glad Christina asked me to send it to you. Congratulations on your upcoming retirement. I truly am enjoying mine. And how wonderful that your father is 94. I lost mine a few months ago. He was 88. You’ll find Diamonds or Donuts to be quite different from The Rose Ring–more lighthearted. I am hoping to have a sequel to RR published sometime next year. 🙂 Please feel free to friend request me on FB. I’m under Lucie Gauvreau Ulrich. I also have an author page under Lucie Ulrich. I tend to be there more often than I’m here. Lol! I really need to revamp this page. I’d love to hear your final thoughts when you finish the book.


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