Thumbnail Thursday: Celata, Dixon, Rogers

Thanks for stopping by. I have a little something for everybody today. Fantasy fans are sure to love Aisling by Eli Celata. For a less edgy read, Nell Dixon‘s Looking for Juliet is a contemporary medical romance, with just a hit of suspense. I love that it’s set in rural England. Inspirational author, Felicia Rogers, is back with One of Twelve: book two of her Meaningful Numbers series.



Blurb:  When Jess discovers her reflection is a separate being, her world turns upside down. She is drawn into an multidimensional war for survival alongside her reflection – an Aisling of the 2nd Dimension. As they fight to protect Earth from mind-controlling parasitic leeches, Jess finds herself falling for her Aisling, Kilpeni.

Their love presents a twisted reflection of the story of Narcissus which both recognize, but for every reason they shouldn’t be together, they find more that draws them to each other like moths to a flame. Add in an interfering omnipotent being in charge of overseeing their progress who communicates through branded telegrams, and this pair of star-crossed lovers are doomed to be together forever yet worlds apart.


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Blurb:  ‘More than her heart is in danger’

Dr. Neil Forrest’s introduction to Juliet, his new practice nurse got off to a fiery start in more ways than one. Juliet, and her small son, Charlie are hiding out from something or someone, but who and why?

Neil quickly realizes that he has to leave his own past behind if he is to be there when it counts for Juliet, and for Charlie.


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Blurb: Renissa Cardona was miracle baby number twelve, but by age ten the sunshine and roses ended. Her mother passed and her father became a bear to live with. Determined that all children would have a mother, she heads the Cardona Foundation for Displaced Orphans. The building and organizing falls on her. Her life is lonely, but she doesn’t mind–she has everything she needs. Right?

David Carlson takes a chance and responds to an advertisement requesting a date. He wants to think his motives are pure, because when it comes to love he’ll only search the right way. However, once he meets the lady in question his thoughts of organized love fly out the window.

There is a problem–Renissa doesn’t believe. David isn’t sure what holds her back, but he is determined to find out.



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12 Responses to Thumbnail Thursday: Celata, Dixon, Rogers

  1. Becky Smith says:

    I’ve read and enjoyed One of Twelve. The other 2 authors are new to me, and their books look interesting.

  2. Lejune Allen says:

    I can’t wait to read One of Twelve by Felicia Roberts. i haven’t heard of the other two.

    • Lucie says:

      It’s always fun to find out about new books. I’m sure Felicia will appreciate your interest in her book.

  3. Michele Hayes says:

    They all sound like good books.

  4. Ruth Polsgrove says:

    A very good reading.

  5. Deana Dick says:

    Love finding out about new books. Thanks for sharing these with us.

  6. Andrea Byers says:

    I have Felicia’s book but have not read it yet. Looking for Juliet sounds interesting as well.

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