Photo Friday — Red

Surprise! Surprise! I won last week’s challenge. 🙂 The winning photo was #1

This week’s challenge different from the previous ones. Instead of choosing a place or specific item, we decided on a color–the color red. It’s also different that we only had about 8 hours to get the job done. We had a crazy week, and little time for picture-taking.

How creative were we? You be the judge.

Photo 1

Photo 2

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7 Responses to Photo Friday — Red

  1. Jan Kaess says:

    Photo 1 Just because it brings back so many child hood memories of this can sitting on our stove!

  2. Debbie Vasquez says:

    Photo #1…I like the worn look about the can!

  3. Larry Baden says:

    I’ll abstain. Neither one rings my bell. Surely there is beauty in red somewhere.

  4. Rick Ulrich says:

    These could have been better but we only had 24 hours to do them.

  5. Jeannine Allen says:

    I like #1. Classic!

  6. Cheryl Hutchens says:

    #1 – there’s just “something” about the picture that I like !!

  7. Pete Foley says:

    Aw yes, nice touch on #1….oxymoronic….It’s Black and yet RED !!!! 🙂

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