Day 304

Today I’m thankful for two good follow-up doctor visits. Both my radiation and medical oncologists were positive about my progress. I’m especially grateful to my radiation doc for listening to me as I shared about my mother. She never made me feel rushed, or that I was bothering her. What a blessing. 
 I did laugh when two different people commented on my hair, and how much they liked it. I was way overdue for a cut, so I took my scissors to it this morning. One woman even commented on how nicely it’s growing back. That’s one more thing I’m grateful for. Though I had radiation treatment, I didn’t need chemo.
 Finally, I’m thankful for my indie author friends. The critiquing site I’ve belonged to for nearly 7 years is filled with self-published authors. Though I’m traditionally published (at this point), a group of them have included me in their facebook group. They’re a tight group, very supportive and encouraging. I’m blessed to call them friends.
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