Thumbnail Thursday: Maddrey, Padilla, Rogers

This week I’m spotlighting three book for you to check out. Muffins and Moonbeams by Elizabeth Maddrey is a contemporary, inspirational romance sure to capture your heart. Cathy Padilla‘s new release, A Taste for Love, is a clean, contemporary romance with strong family ties. This week’s third book is One of Forty, a contemporary Inspirational Romance, by Felicia Rogers.

 I want to read all three of these books. Don’t you?


Blurb: They met online. Can being offline bring them love?

Malachi Baxter is happy to hide in the background and manage the business-end of the family bakery. He’d much rather live in the online world of computer games where he can explore the galaxy and no one has to know he’s deaf.

Ursula Franks designs websites during the day and spends her evenings battling alien races online where relationships are easy and uncomplicated. When she agrees to design a website for the local Community Supported Bakery, she has no idea that Malachi is the real man behind her online persona’s best friend and her own secret crush.

As the two work together on the website, they uncover an attraction, but will they be able to put aside past hurt and insecurity to find love?



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Sarah Texmara runs The Club, an upscale country club at the Jersey Shore, with the same planned determination she guards her wounded heart. Having made the decision to avoid love at all cost, she finds herself blackmailed into an engagement to save her father and the very thing he has valued more than her mother’s love – the family land that houses the country club. At the moment she finally resigns herself to her fate Sarah is caught off guard by the dashingly handsome Luke Patterson. Sarah needs to choose between her own desires or protecting a long covered family scandal, all while learning that love is sometimes worth the risk.

Luke Patterson is a skilled investigator with his own secret to protect. What started as a favor for a family-friend turns into a race against the clock to save the woman he loves from sacrificing her existence to a man seeking to destroy her family’s legacy and possess her inheritance. He can keep her from danger, he has captured her desire, but will he be able to help her overcome her fear of true love?

Can Sarah and Luke find the answers to their needs together?



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Blurb: When a missionary visits Joshua Lowe’s church and makes a plea for one more to join the forty-person mission team, Joshua takes notice. He is no longer satisfied with his mundane life. Maybe a deeper commitment is what he’s been searching for. But then something—or someone, that is—pulls him back.

Melody Watkins is damaged. Past sins have paved a difficult road for her and her young daughter. Now she finally has a job and things are starting to look up. At least until her car breaks down. But then again that could be a blessing as well, because it has brought someone new into her life.
Melody’s secret past and Joshua’s potential future holds them back from growing closer. Many prayers will be offered to determine if their roads intersect or if Joshua will be the last of the forty.

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4 Responses to Thumbnail Thursday: Maddrey, Padilla, Rogers

  1. Becky Smith says:

    I’ve read and enjoyed Muffins & Moonbeams and One of Forty. But Cathy Padilla is a new author to me. Her book sounds good.

  2. Lucie says:

    I’m reading Muffins and Moonbeams now, and plan to read the other two soon. 🙂

  3. Denise Glisson says:

    I have Muffins and Moonbeams but haven’t had time as yet to read it, but cannot wait! One of Forty sounds great since it deals with overseas missions. Cathy Padilla is also a new author to me.

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