Thumbnail Thursday: Froelich, Higgs-Coulthard, Morris

Welcome to Thumbnail Thursday. I’ve got quite an eclectic group of books for you to check out today. If something strikes your fancy, I hope you’ll leave a note and let the author know.

If you’re looking for some action and adventure, check out Jennifer Froelich‘s young adult release,  Stealing Liberty, released just a few days agoHanging With My Peeps, by Kathy Higgs-Coulthard is a humorous middle-grade book filled with fun and chickens–in case you can’t tell by the cover. Six Pack Emergence (The Six Pack Book 1) by B.W. Morris, is the story of six young superheroes set in a dystopian world.


Blurb: A heist so monumental, it may cost them everything…

When Reed Paine is sent to a secret detention school for teens whose parents are branded enemies of the state, he doesn’t expect to find friendship – especially after coming face to face with Riley Paca, a girl who has every reason to hate him.

But when Reed, Riley and a few others start reading the old books they find in tunnels under the school, they begin to question what they are taught about the last days of America and the government that has risen in its place.

Then the government decides to sell the Liberty Bell and Reed and his friends risk everything to steal it – to take back their history and the liberty that has been stolen from them


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Blurb: Before Dad’s rust-bucket lurched into the driveway with forty-three chickens in the back, the closest Sami Duggan had ever come to poultry was licking the grease off her fingers at the local KFC. Now Sami better think quick before her whole life is turned upside down by Dad’s latest get rich quick scheme.





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Blurb: Tyler is set to graduate from secondary school when he learns the truth about the nation of Novusordo and how the government controls the population. He and his five friends visit a professor’s house, consume another drink and gain strange powers. Now they find themselves part of a movement against the government and must learn to control their powers and how they might change society. But can they trust the movement… or even each other?


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