Photo Friday – Dunes

Thank you for all your votes last week. The obvious winner was leaf #1 and the photographer was none other than my husband, Rick! Let’s see what happens this week.

Our theme this week is dunes, so we drove to Little Talbot Island State Park to wander around and see how creative we could be. We chose to include sand and vegitation in our shots. Let us know what you think by casting your vote.

Picture 1:

Photo 2:

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13 Responses to Photo Friday – Dunes

  1. Debbie Vasquez says:

    Both are excellent but I vote for photo #1

  2. Tina Black says:

    Photo 1.

  3. Cheryl Hutchens says:

    ……..oh this is a tough one! I love both! Vote for #1 – it actually looks like the sand is blowing down the beach ….

  4. Jan Kaess says:

    I also love both but I vote for photo #2. I love the contrast of color.

  5. judy lenczewski says:

    I love # 2 color contrast and shading

  6. Pamela Knopf says:

    Love both, but number 1 is my fav. It reminds me of Alaska snow…

  7. Emily R says:

    Photo #1, definitely. It could almost be a painting of a beach scene – love it! Love the colors in Photo #2 but the OCD in me is bothered that part of the leaf is cropped out on the left. 🙂

  8. Lolly says:

    Hands down number ONE

  9. Janet Hall says:


  10. Jamie Ulrich says:

    #2 – Not sure who did which one this time

  11. Jeannine Allen says:

    Both are great! I’m going with #1. So peaceful!

  12. Amanda Parler says:

    Ok- number 2!

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