My weaknesses

Lord knows there are plenty of them, but for this post, I’m talking about my failure when it comes to blogging and tweeting. I so often find myself with nothing of any value to write about. And with Twitter, I’m limited to a few characters. This is extremely difficult for me. It’s one reason I stink at writing short stories.

I’m in awe of the authors I see posting tweet after tweet, and blogging several times a week—sometimes daily. And if I’m honest, I’ll admit that I’m a bit jealous of the friendship I see between so many of them. I want to be part of their inner circle, but then I stop to think how many book these men and women have written, how many seminars they’ve attended, and so on. I would give anything to have one of them read Broken Vessels and tell me what they think, but I’m not holding my breath. Truth is I’m following more authors than are following back—no surprise there. I try to participate while trying not to come off as a stalker. Lol!

So, my goal is to become a participant in more blogs, commenting and tweeting when appropriate. I want to learn from my fellow authors, whether or not any of them ever recognize me or my work.

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