Friday Featured Artist: Christina Lorenzen

Meet writer and jewelry designer, Christina Lorenzen.

I started designing jewelry back in 2012. I was having a terrible time writing–complete writer’s block–and I was looking for something to help me relax and relieve the stress.

I always loved Michals craft stores, and  my daughter wanted me to take her to get some supplies. She loves to just craft whatever she’s in the mood for. While there, I wandered into the bead aisle, and couldn’t believe the displays. There was every color, shape and size. I bought a few strands and some string to get me started, then wire and some tools…one thing led to another.  Before long I was buying books and watching videos.

At one point I had over forty items in my shop, but when I got back into writing, I donated them. A set of jewelry (about fourteen pieces) went to a breast cancer auction, while the rest went to a fundraiser for a two-year old boy who has cancer.

I’m working to build my shop again, and currently have a little over a dozen pieces for sale.

When I’m playing with beads, stringing and arranging them, I get lost. Everything else–the noise, the pets, the interruptions–simply melt away. There are days when I have to remember to stop and eat. Lol!

Check out some samples of Christina’s work.

10508518_766188543402872_303137628_nWirework earrings






Multi-colored glass bead chain10489162_766188320069561_305836857_n






10488864_766189000069493_651739013_nGlass pearl amethyst cyrstal bracelet







To see more of Christina’s work, check out her etsy shop at









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2 Responses to Friday Featured Artist: Christina Lorenzen

  1. Krysten H says:

    Awesome stuff, Christina!

  2. Ariella Moon says:

    You are so multi-talented, Christina!

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