Days 149-152

Well, I’ve had a crazy week, to say the least, but I am beyond thankful. Sunday evening, Tropical Storm Beryl blew through our area. A large tree limb fell on our power lines and put us in the dark. Amid the sparks and smoke, there was no damage to our house. I’m grateful that our generator kept us coolish (via fans) and informed, by way of the one TV we were able to attach an antenna to. We were also able to keep our freezer and refrigerator running. The only thing we lost was an ancient computer we used to run our phones (we use Magic Jack). The nicest thing of all was that our neighbors came together. The electrician we’ll use to re-attach our electrical connection lives a few houses down from us. A councleman stopped by our house and made calls to JEA (our electric company) for us. Another neighbor stopped by with his chain saw, to cut the limb into smaller pieces. Despite the slight discomforts, this week has been amazing. There is always something positive to come from a negative — you just have to look for it. 🙂

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