Can’t stop me!

My journey as a published author has just begun—at least I hope it continues. Wouldn’t want to be known as a one-book wonder. Oh, wait, you have to have a best-seller to be considered a wonder. My point being I want to publish more books. Tell more stories. Reach more people.

It’s my habit to write every day. Sometimes it’s a little, sometimes it’s a lot. I’m currently editing a finished novel while writing two new ones. I also have notes for a couple more. How many will be completed works remains to be seen.

I’d like to say that nothing ever gets in my way, but there’s this little thing called life all of us have to deal with. I’ve mentioned my mother’s dementia in the past. Sadly, it’s getting worse. That was to be expected, of course, but the rate of her decline has taken everybody, including her nurses by surprise. My casual semiweekly visits have become more and more stressful.

For a time, I’d wheel Mom over to Dad’s apartment (he lives in the independent living section of the retirement home). Mom wouldn’t always be lucid, but we were able to communicate. Then we’d take her outside to feed the ducks in the courtyard. She always enjoyed their antics, would smile and point, or say how cute they were. As the ducks grew, Mom began slipping more and more into herself. She’s at the point now of no longer speaking (save a word or two). Her moans can be heard down the hallway. At times they match the groaning in my heart.

Last summer, Mom spent a couple of 5-day stays at the nursing home. She couldn’t really walk anymore, and Dad was taking care of her. The time was designed to give Dad a rest. Mom did it, but she hated it. I can still see her pointing out all the old ladies. Never mind that Mom was 88 at the time. She was right, though. Most of the women there were in the same state Mom is in now.

Dad has become more needy, not to mention lonely. We talk daily, and I do what I can to support him and help him whenever possible. Now, I’m no saint. I get frustrated and discouraged at times, and I get angry at others. I often have to remind myself that the life I’m living now is but a blip on the radar, a single frame in a full-length movie. I have eternity with my Creator to look forward to.  

So, Mom and Dad’s situation might slow me down, but it won’t stop me. God had gifted me with the ability to write, and I don’t take that lightly. We are all given gifts and talents for a reason. I choose to honor my parents by helping them any way I can, and I choose to honor God by not disregarding what I’ve been blessed with.

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