Adventures in Retirement: Memory Issues

My husband and I left our home on the coldest morning North Florida had seen in a very long time, and drove to Biloxi for a few days.

Now, if you live in Florida, you know winter is pretty much a non-existent season. It can be 55 one day, and 75 the next. There are occasional freezes, and an actual snowfall in 1989 (so I’ve been told on more than one occasion). On January 7 we woke to temperatures in the teens—very unusual.

In order to prepare and keep the pipes from freezing, my husband turned on the outside faucets so they would drip and keep the water flowing. We did the same thing inside, having the bathroom and kitchen taps dripping. This is a common practice for many, but one we don’t use often.

You can probably guess where this is going. The inside taps were turned off before we left on our drive, but it wasn’t until sometime around two o’clock this morning (Jan. 13) that the outdoor faucets came to mind. And it wasn’t until sometime around two o’clock this afternoon that I remembered to mention the water situation to my husband. 

At least now I’ll know why our next water bill is higher than usual—or will I even remember?

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