Choices: part 2

In my previous post I wrote about my daughter, Jamie. Today I’d like to focus on my son, Josh. 

Josh, like his mother, is a writer. Unlike his mother, he’s also an artist. When he puts the two together he creates worlds beyond my imagination. His career is just beginning, but he’s been blessed to work as a colorist for other cartoonists. I feared when he decided to quit his full-time job in order to pursue his passion. Shame on me for not trusting God, but the mom in me worried. God has been showing both of us that if we trust Him and honor Him, He never lets us down.

For the last year, Josh has been coloring for Shane and Chris Houghton on their Reed Gunther comics. Just the other day, he showed me a complete book of stories he’d colored for the brothers, as well as a story in a Simpson’s comic. In his spare time, Josh works on his own comics: Jackie Rose and Newman.

I love when my children take a stand. Recently, Josh was approached to do some coloring. Upon closer inspection of the material, he realized it wasn’t as family-friendly as he would have liked, so he declined. Respectful of his decision, the company offered him something more fitting with his values. How’s that for a God moment?

I’m proud of my son and the quality work her puts out. I feel certain he will go far. He’s dedicated to his craft, and dedicated to doing things God’s way.

Check out his work at  and

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